Four Ways To Earn With Leads Leap

LeadsLeap is a proven traffic framework launched in 2008.

​LeadsLeap consists of:

​Traffic exchange part where user can view other users ads and gain credits. This credits can be used for advertising or can be exchanged for cash.

​Tools for building and maintaining email list.

​There are four ways to earn on LeadsLeap.

Surfing for cash

You can watch other users ads and earn credits. Later, credits can be exchanged for cash at the rate of approx. 6¢ for 50 credits.

Also, everyday there is Activity bonus. User must have 10 ad clicks to qualify for bonus. After that, bonus amount is is determined by the amount of credits collected that day. Rate is approx. 1¢ per 50 credits.

Posting PPC ads

LeadsLeap offers two ways to post their ads.

You can use their ad widget and embed it on your page (like I did in the sidebar of this post).

Or, you can use their link tracker which will show ads on the bottom of the page you promote.

Promoting your affiliate links

You can promote your affiliate links in two ways.

Directly trough posting ads on LeadsLeap, using credits collected by surfing. Those ads will be shown on-site and in PPC ad widget or tracked links if you choose to monetize them.

Every click on widget or tracker ad will earn you some money and ad credits.

You can also write reviews of programs you wish to promote ad post it in Social Reviews section of the site. Every ad has link to reviews for that site, if there are any. In every review you can put a list of your top recommended programs, with your affiliate links.

Mother of all, list building

You probably heard what all the Gurus say:

Money is in the List.

LeadsLeap offers you all the tools needed to build your own mailing list:

  • Opt – in generator for you to create beautiful opt – in forms to be embedded in your pages
  • Send out ecourse / email series day after day, fully automated.
  • Schedule and send email broadcast to multiple lists.
  • Smart filtering – when sending to multiple lists, repeating mails will receive just one mail

Once you have a list of good subscribers, sky is the limit.

How to get started

To earn with PPC ads you can just promote your links trough Real Tracker. But, why not maximize your profits and implement PPC widget on your page.

Adverize with tracked links

In the LeadsLeap dashboard, find the following section in the left side bar:

LeadsLeap sidebar PPC section

Click on the My Links.

LeadsLeap Real Tracker add a new url text entry
Add URL text entry

Paste URL you want to track in the text field.

LeadsLeap Real Tracker edit link form upper section
First part of the edit link form

Put something in the Name field to manage your links easily.

LeadsLeap Reat Tracker edit link form advanced settins
Edit link form advanced settings

Leave Monetize to yes and chose when the ads will be shown after the page is loaded. Choose position of your ads and set the Responsive mode to on if you want your ads to mobile friendly.

Result when someone visit your link should be something like this:

Leads Leap Real Tracker ad tab shown on the web page

PPC widget

In the left side bar click on the PPC Widget -> Get Widget Code. You will see something like this:

Leads Leap PPC widget settings
PPC widget settings

Adjust your settings and click on Get Code.

Results of the click on get code button in PPC widget settings
PPC widget code popup

Follow the instructions shown in the popup. In a nutshell, just copy code and paste it on your page, in the place where you want widget to be shown.

Build a web site

If you don’t have a web page or blog, there is a solution.

Get some free web hosting and use wysiwyg tools to design your page.

Weebly is good starting point. They have nice page builder and offer free plans. If you need help to get started, check some tutorials.

If you want to go old school, you can get affordable web hosting and upload simple html page, like the one that sent you here.

Whats next

You got your site up and running spiced with ads. What now?

Some kind of promotion will be nice. Purpose of this whole experiment is for people to see your links and pages and eventually click on some interesting ads.

Someone mentioned promotion?

There are few beginner friendly and free/low cost ways to promote your site:

  • Traffic exchanges – places where you click on other peoples links, view their sites and get credited. Then, you can spend credits to promote your sites.
    • LeadsLeap itself has traffic exchange feature
    • TrafficAdBar – good TE with 1:1 ratio, for one link you click you get one impression. Beside on site promotion, links posted with them are promoted on the big network of TE sites
    • EasyHits4U has 1:1 surf ratio, you can promote your banners and post text ads also
    • TrafficEra is a TE with time based surf ratio. You get seconds for your views and spend them on impressions of your links. It also has some social media aspects, idea is for you to connect with other marketers
    • ManyHit – TE with progressive surf ratio, it gets 1:1 really quick, they also give you some nickels for surfing
    • WebmasterQuest – good TE, 1:1 surf ratio, many other advertising tools
    • YourPtcBiz – 2:1 ratio, but they pay per page surfed and also have great tools to build your down lines, mostly on PTC sites
  • Safelists are sites where you can send bulk mails with your ads to members and also earn mailing credits by reading other people’s mails. They are mostly lookalike, these two are trees in the sea of grass:
    • YourDownlineMailer is safelist with a twist. They return unused credits to your balance at the end of each campaign.
    • ListCompas – Solo ads and banner, text, etc. ads
  • PTC sites offer affordable advertising and opportunity to earn, especially if you can get lots of referrals
    • Clicquesteria – PTC ads, offerwals, games… They give signup bonus of $0.30, which is enough for small 1000 clicks PTC campaign, and you can easy earn enough for this size campaign in 2 – 3 days
  • Other sites worth mentioning that doesn’t fit above categories
    • AZAdBoard offer you to post banners and text ads. They post them on their network of sites. Totally free, they don’t even have paid upgrades
    • PageRankCafe alows you to surf for credits and then use them to post your links on their list. It’a a mix of TE and ad listing.
    • MellowAds post your ads on several marketing networks and sites. They also have daily faucet, so you can earn enough and start your ad campaign after just one day.
  • Also, good way to promote is on forums trough your forum signatures

If you didn’t joined LeadsLeap already, you can do it now.

That’s it. Happy earning!

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